Basic Technology Corporation

The Story

Company founder Thomas Jones grew up on a farm on the outskirts of Fallon, Nevada and at an early age demonstrated unique mechanical ability. Between the ages of four and six Tom would ride in old farm trucks and, fascinated by the gauges, would ask the old timers how they worked.  Even at such a young age, he soon realized that trucks with the best vacuum always ran the best, and at the age of five, he dismantled a small gas engine to investigate how it worked. His grandfather found Tom with engine parts scattered on the floor and made him put it back together. When it was fully assembled, it ran fine.

As with so many American teenagers, Tom built sand buggies, rode motorcycles and took advanced high school auto mechanics. By his senior year, he was racing cars and building high-performance engines.  Tom’s specialty was carburetors and demonstrated such skill that much more senior racers would ask him to rebuild their carburetors. On his own race cars, Tom would make and install special hand-crafted metering rods and gas jets to improve the engines and provide higher performance.

This was the genesis of a life-long pursuit of rethinking the role and application of fuel delivery systems.

After high school, Tom went to work in mining and construction as a mechanic and heavy equipment operator. Unfortunately, in 1979 his back was broken while working at the mine and paralyzed his entire left side for two and a half years.  While in treatment and recovery, to deal with excruciating therapy, Tom devoted much of his spare time studying carburetion systems and fuel delivery mechanisms, constantly exploring various means of generating higher mileage from gasoline engines.  A motivating factor for Tom was an article he read about a person who built a carburetor that claimed to generate 100 MPG.  Believing this to be impossible based on cited technology, Tom decided to design and build an entirely new type of fuel system.  His initial system was built in a gallon jar in 1982. The jar worked better than anticipated but also showed that 100 MPG was not achievable using current engineering techniques. However, it did reveal that higher mileage and lower emissions were possible, given the introduction of an entirely new approach. In one of his first demonstrations, the new apparatus was tested on a gas powered electric generator which performed at a rate of three times better than its existing carburetor.

Moving to Weiser, Idaho in 1996 to take over the family farm, Tom dedicated summers to farming and winters to developing a new fuel system. Using a neighbor’s shop, in 1999 he began perfecting the current fuel system model.  During the winter of 2000 he built a more advanced system and installed it on a 1984 LTD (3.8 V6).  In January 2001 Tom built and installed another version of the system and discovered why the original jar systems had worked so well – very simply, they were tied to a manipulation of vacuum.

Tom created a remarkable formula, modified the system, then performed highway and city driving tests with amazing results.  To validate the achievement, he contacted a physicist and a chemist who reviewed the findings and application; and then reported that he had done what no one had ever been able to do – reduce fuel usage, dramatically increase mileage, and almost eliminate emissions.

Tom Jones received his first provisional patent in 2002 and the first full patent in 2004. This patent was fully updated and reissued in 2013. A fully useable and reliable system has been developed and tested over the past five years and is ready for global market introduction.

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